with one eye

images from twin peaks, edited by me. plus photos inspired by twin peaks, taken by me.

Pennsylvania 6-5000
Tea first. Then, be ready.

prettyprettypie asked: what do you think the odds are that Harriet Hayward became like a political figure? I could just see her leading a feminist movement or something.

That is 100% the kind of thing I’d expect from Harriet Hayward. I always wish we’d seen more of her, but in what little screen time she was given, I’d say she made a great impression. Just imagine a second season that trades Donna’s “You’re my daddy!” storyline for a plot involving Harriet’s growing involvement in feminist politics. Magnificent.


"Actually, now that some time has passed…I like the full blossom of the evening."

This is about Laura, and it’s really, really serious.
Any connection to the dead girl?
It is happening again.